Have a heart: it's the key for many funeral insurance consultants.

Have a HeartCompassion.
Sympathetic pity.
Concern for the misfortune of others.

Our jobs as funeral insurance consultants require exercising a great deal of each of these. We must be good listeners. In aftercare situations we deal day-in and day-out with the bereaved.

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Objections… the more the better.

No matter what you are trying to sell
there will always be objections.
All people in sales must confront this challenge.

The price is high, I need to talk to my kids, I already have insurance, I’m not planning on dying anytime soon… the list goes on and on.

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Rapport… Are You Building It?

We work hard for every prospect. Tireless effort goes into getting the appointment through the door. We memorize our scripts, prepare for objections and set everything in line to close the deal.

Did you remember the most important step?
Building customer rapport?

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Don’t Forget to Play

Don't forget to playToday our world moves so rapidly: smart phones, iPads, social media, Skype, YouTube, the list goes on. It all piles up on top of each other, adding stress and ultimately “burn out”. What we do in preneed funeral sales is important. It requires a great deal of focus and discipline. Don’t forget to play.

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