A Celebration of Life and a Tribute to Family.

Final Expense Insurance

An affordable and convenient way to manage finances for the end of life.

Even if you have fully prepared, Final Expense Insurance provides a safety net for unanticipated items, allowing you to tell your loved ones “It is all taken care of.”

The unavoidable reality is that life ends. Funerals and memorial services can seem like extravagant ceremonies, however in truth they are crucial for your loved ones’ healing. They give the opportunity for closure, a chance to grieve, and a way to find understanding and meaning in a painful time. Financial responsibilities do not just disappear, they remain, then often spouses are left with reduced incomes, children burdened with expenses, so consequentially family and loved ones must be asked for help. Final Expense Insurance is one of the best ways you can show care and preparation to your family. It is an ultimate expression of compassion and responsibility for those you leave behind.

At Security National Life Insurance Company we specialize in affordable and convenient products that “make sense” for you and your family. No matter your situation, we can help you protect your loved ones from the financial burdens that come at the end of a life. We invite you to contact us for more information. Wherever you are, Security National is there with you, ready to assist you and your loved ones.

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