Don’t Forget to Play

This article was written by ToddC, on June 26, 2012

Don't forget to play

Today our world moves so rapidly: smart phones, iPads, social media, Skype, YouTube, the list goes on. We make our “to-do” lists, set our priorities and daily tasks, and off we go.

Day after day after day… For some reason we’re still in a hurry, running late and never seem to get everything accomplished. It all piles up on top of each other, adding stress and ultimately “burn out”.

It’s certainly no different in sales. Especially, if your income is derived from a commission only. We have to be very good at setting tasks, managing time and prospecting if we are to make a living and be successful. But are you taking time to play?  That’s right Funeral Friends, I said play!  I’m talking about taking 2-4 hours everyday to do something fun, relaxing or anything other than the daily grind of work. Fishing, golf, shopping or whatever you enjoy that takes you to stress-free place. This will certainly recharge your mind, body and energy. Without it, you will surely burn out. And in commission sales, burn out equals no paycheck.

What we do in preneed funeral sales is important. It requires a great deal of focus and discipline.

So, tonight when you make your “to-do” list for tomorrow… Don’t forget to play.

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