Rapport… Are You Building It?

This article was written by ToddC, on July 23, 2012

We work hard for every prospect.
Tireless effort goes into getting the
appointment through the door.
We memorize our scripts, prepare for objections and set everything in line to close the deal.

Did you remember the most important step?
Building customer rapport?

You know, that thing you do to create a relationship with the prospect to surround them with a relaxed atmosphere. You’re in their home. Look at the wall. Are there pictures of grandkids, pets, deer heads, etc.? One thing we know for sure, my funeral friends, people love to talk about themselves and their interests. So get em’ talking. Once they are comfortable with you, they can begin to trust you. Without it, you’re just a stranger at their kitchen table.

One easy way to build rapport is to follow the acronym, S.T.E.W. (Sports, Travel, Entertainment, and Weather) These topics are typically safe non hot-button topics that can get the conversation rolling and lead you without trouble into the reason you are there: to prearrange and pre-fund funerals.

Remember, steer clear of topics that involve politics and religion. Both easily start an arguments and cause harsh feelings to develop very quickly. Your goal is to build friendship and make your prospect believe in you and the services you provide.

So make a friend and turn a prospect into a client for life!

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