Paw Prints on Our Hearts

Paw Prints on Our Hearts If you haven’t seen Hachi a Dog's Tale, you have to run out and rent it this weekend. It is the story of a dog's unrelenting love and devotion to his deceased owner.

From time to time we hear this story in real life… pets loving their owners enough to withstand death, time, and distance. But what about man’s devotion to their pets?

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Helping a family at-need; like no other experience.

It can be tempting to deviate from the assigned script when selling preneed.

Following a script can be difficult at times.
This feeling is no stranger to insurance agents from any walk or industry.

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Have you thought about transportation to a final resting place?

There are many personal reasons someone may choose to preplan their funeral. Here in South Carolina, people often tell me they are preplanning because eventually death is likely to occur away from their hometown.

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Preplanning for Cremation: Legalities You Need to Know.

What many consumers don’t realize is that when they don’t advance plan their cremation services, there will likely be legal complications to gain the required authorizations for the cremation process: resulting in an alternative method of disposition being necessary at the time of death.

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