Helping a family at-need; like no other experience.

This article was written by JenniferS, on September 12, 2012

Preneed planning saves families from pain...

It can be tempting to deviate from the assigned script when selling preneed.

Following a script can be difficult at times.
This feeling is no stranger to insurance agents from any walk or industry.

Here lies the importance. The preneed agent must walk a narrow line between sales and service. While selling funeral insurance, it is paramount to keep in mind you’re not selling a product but rather giving an opportunity for the family to have peace of mind on one of the worst days of their lives.

As a funeral director, I hold a unique perspective that many preneed agents have never known. I have personally sat in front of countless families during crisis who lost a loved one with no advanced preparations. This terrible burden weighed on those families day after day. Most preneed agents have never felt the sadness in comforting a family during an at-need arrangement conference. You see their reluctance at having to choose a casket, a vault, and organize the service while in a state of emotional distress. Death is an overwhelming event even when it has been expected due to something like long-term illness. Many family members are clearly dazed and medicated during the whole ordeal.

Preneed sales agents often do not understand the atmosphere of the at-need arrangement conference! Every agent should have the experience of sitting in on a few at-need conferences during training. Then, and only then they can speak with conviction about the benefits of pre-arranging funeral services in a family’s home.

As a funeral director, from all I’ve seen and experienced, I can say unequivocally that preneed planning spares families painful and unnecessary decision making, emotional exhaustion, and suffering when their primary tasks should be simply grieving and cherishing their family.

Proper training and management provides preneed sales agents this same depth of understanding to convey the necessary message and increase their sales… while benefiting families.

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