Paw Prints on Our Hearts

This article was written by JenniferS, on October 8, 2012

Man Cradles Sick Dog in Lake Superior

If you haven’t seen
Hachi a Dog's Tale,
you have to run out
and rent it this weekend.

It is the story of a dog's unrelenting love
and devotion to his deceased owner.


From time to time we hear this story in real life… pets loving their owners enough to withstand death, time, and distance. But what about man’s devotion to their pets?

Greg LeNoir, a Florida dog owner, dove into the ocean in 2009 to repeatedly punch a five foot long shark in the head until it released his beloved nineteen pound Rat-Terrier, Jake. That sounds like love and devotion to this writer.

[pullquote] My daughter — who is enamored by my profession — asked me recently,
“What will you do when Charlie (my beloved Pit-Chow)
passes away? [/pullquote]As a licensed Funeral Director, Embalmer, and Crematory Operator I have served hundreds of families during their time of need. And as a preneed agent I have assisted still more families organize and finance their funeral service needs without ever sheading a tear, though it was often very sad work. Having said that it may then seem surprising to you that I cannot read the poem Rainbow Bridge, which is about the bridge a pet crosses to get to Heaven, or watch the movie Marley and Me without crying shamelessly.

My daughter — who is enamored by my profession — asked me recently, “What will you do when Charlie (my beloved Pit-Chow) passes away? Will she be cremated or buried and where will we take her?” I was stunned and outraged
by this question, and told her that was ridiculous, Charlie can’t ever die, and what a terrible thing to talk about!

Does anyone see the irony of my response? It didn’t take me long either to realize I had just uttered the same words as many preneed prospects when confronted by the inevitable reality of death.

Pet Angels Memorial Centers understand the love between people and their pets. They are a funeral service provider with three locations in Kansas, the Midwest Region and Florida that exclusively serve pets. Pet Angels became famous after holding a seven thousand dollar funeral for a Chihuahua named Lucy. Pet parents love their babies and often wish to honor them after they cross the bridge with dignified services, cremation jewelry, tattoos, etc. For many of us the loss of our beloved pet will be one of the worst times in our lives, and Security National Life understands that love and honors that bond with the Supplemental Pet Loss Benefit.

Staff Note: We will be featuring more about pets and our pet loss protection plan next month. Stay tuned for more on our furry friends.



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