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This article was written by BetterAdmin, on August 12, 2014


We asked our Market Sales Managers what advice they would give a new agent working for them. Check out the advice from the top!


M. Wayne Kirton, CPC


“The first thing I tell them is that it is important to learn our presentation, but even more important to repeat it in their own words.  It has to be them that have experienced the third party stories we tell.  Never be a parrot and just repeat word for word but be that actor that takes the writers words and acts them out to the best of their ability.  I ask if they have ever seen a movie where a tear was shed because the person died or was seriously hurt.  Then I remind them that the person was not actually hurt but simply doing his job.  Just learning the lines and putting themselves into it 110%.”

Johnny Cabrera, CPC


“Never stop prospecting because when you do your pipeline of leads will show it. Learn the sales presentation frontwards and backwards AND the objections. You won’t be successful unless you know how to tell the story.”

 Blake Coker, CPC


“Prearrange themselves and then take the time to Prearrange a loved one so that they, the agent, can empathize with a family or person they are meeting with. Having their own Prearrangement builds credibility and Prearranging a loved allows them to have a story. A story gives the agent a better chance to building report.”

 Andrew J. Pavela, CPC


“Find the best lead generation technique we offer that works for you and USE IT Everyday!!”

Eddie Rhodes , CPC


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