Writing Quality Final Expense Business

This article was written by TommyO, on August 25, 2014


July was our largest production month in final expense since I started with Security National Life in January, 2010.  You gave us an increase of 43% in July compared to July, 2013.  SNL is growing our final expense division and it is all due to our wonderful agents who are out in the field each and every day working to help individuals take care of their final expenses so that burden is not left on their family members.  From everyone at SNL, I want to say a great big THANK YOU!

One of the big keys to writing quality final expense business is knowing when to schedule your clients’ draft date.  If your client receives any type of retirement, disability, or supplemental income from the federal government then there are 5 possible pay dates and those dates are:

1st of the month
3rd of the month
2nd Wednesday of the month
3rd Wednesday of the month
4th Wednesday of the month

If your client needs to wait until they get paid for us to draft their premium then I strongly suggest you place your client’s premium draft date on their pay date.  This will give the greatest possibility of a successful draft. We will not draft before your client gets paid.  We implemented our Wednesday draft feature several months ago and it is working well.  Please utilize it.  It will help your client and it will help you reduce charge-backs.

Tommy Overton – Regional Director Final Expense Division

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