The “Wink & the Gun”

This article was written by BetterAdmin, on August 4, 2014


Would you like to succeed in sales?

First and foremost, be genuine and honest. Most people can tell, right away, if you’re being fake. Everyone usually has the negative mental picture of the cheesy, sleazy car salesman with the “wink” and the “finger gun.” However, people actually do like buying things. When someone gets paid, they start thinking of things they can purchase (I know my wife does!). So, if EVERYONE likes to buy, but NOBODY wants to be “sold,” how do we bridge this gap?

Be friendly, build rapport and GENUINELY try to help.

People buy from people they like. Preneed might actually be one of the best examples of this. The customers we serve are actually purchasing a product for someone else, intangible to them, except for the positive feelings and peace of mind they receive. Their immediate (and subsequent) satisfaction with their decision lies mainly in the trust they have placed in us.

Make sure we earn it!

Brad McNeil, CPC

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