Salespeople Can Be Introverts

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on December 6, 2020

This post is for you beautiful introverts trying to make it as preneed insurance agents. To sell funeral insurance, there are interpersonal and interactive requirements, as well as the dreaded networking to create a client base. Luckily, I have words of encouragement for you!

Introverts Make Great “Salespeople”

When I think of a “salesman,” I think of a flashy, loud, charismatic but sometimes annoying person who pushes their agenda into every conversation. Whether this stereotype is justified or not, it exists, and it’s prevalent around the general population. The great thing about introverts is that they do not fit this mold. Quiet people don’t evoke this image, and their sales methods are more personal and one on one.

In reality, salespeople use the art of influence and assistance to help others solve problems in their lives. For most sales industries, if the client does not have a need for the product, the salesperson moves on. However, we all know that preneed insurance is something from which everyone can benefit. Introverts have a special power over people because they are trustworthy and intuitive in ways that extroverts cannot understand.

To really be successful as a preneed insurance agent, it’s important to understand what drives the need of your client and what motivates them to take action to plan for their future. This is where introverts really have the advantage, because you guys are better equipped to listen and silently absorb information and then use it to help you adjust your conversation and cater it to the person in front of you.

Introverts study their product and understand the processes involved in enrollment; they know the services they can provide and understand the minutia of the industry on a deeper level. They prepare ahead of time and even practice presentations, all the time expecting and prepping for questions, objections, and awkward silences. Introverts are better at seeing potential clients for their long term value: as people who have needs, emotions, and whose circumstances change in the future. Quiet people think before they speak and listen and observe while prepping for their turn in the background. They know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in a new or intimidating situation, so they anticipate the needs of those around them and help soften sales circumstances by lowering pressure and increasing authenticity.

Play to Your Strengths!

The great thing about sales is that success is highly based on personality—and you’ve got loads of that! My advice is to stop trying to be what you’re not and focus on what you do know how to do. There is NOT one right way to sell insurance, and you can be living proof of that fact by implementing a sales strategy that is unique to your know-how and comfort level.

Now, extroverts, don’t be jealous: you can absolutely be a top-performer in your field. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and the hardest part of our job is finding them!

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