Play Ball!

This article was written by KathleenS, on November 5, 2012




Lessons I learned from baseball
that helped my preneed sales.

San Francisco Giants fans celebrated a World Series victory recently. Like a true fan living in Northern California, I watched every throw, steal, and hit. As the catcher and pitcher signaled back and forth, I couldn’t help comparing a recent presentation I delivered. The player at bat had no idea whether the next ball would be a curve, a fast ball, inside or outside the home plate. Just like during my presentation, the batter would have to adapt quickly to whatever was thrown his way.[pullquote]“We don’t want one of those caskets…we’re gonna get ours from Costco”, blurted out the husband during my recent preneed presentation.[/pullquote]

Just as I was presenting preneed casket photos to a family, the husband blurted out “We don’t want one of those caskets…we’re gonna get ours from Costco.” Ahh…a curve ball that wasn’t in the script. Yikes! I’ve been distracted! It happens all the time. I addressed their issue and slid back into the presentation.

I realize now that baseball has taught me a little something about
delivering a home presentation.

Step up to the plate,
be ready for anything,
keep your eye on the ball,
hit it out of the park, and return to home plate.

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