“It's not morbid…”

This article was written by EddieR, on May 25, 2012

Time and time again I saw the phrase,
"It's not morbid…" in the want ads as I searched for a new job many years ago.

Today, big corporations still use this type of ad to recruit new agents.

I never wanted to work at a funeral home. My first introduction was from an old friend. I thought he was successful, so I approached him to learn his secrets. He told me he was a sales director at the big cemetery and funeral home in south Dallas, and I walked away as quickly as I could! “Nice to see you funeral friend,” I said. Eventually though he got to me. Many phone calls later, he talked me in to selling cemetery property and funerals ahead of time in preneed. 18 years later I am still here, helping families.

To me, this is the most valuable story I can write. Yes, in preneed we all make a pleasant living doing what each does, but there is so much more to it.

And that folks, is what sets our job as preneed consultants apart from others. We have a chance, a privilege, to help people through the worst possible time in their life, and out of one of the worst things that could happen to them – the death of someone they deeply love.

I carry thank you cards from my clients. As a salesperson and as a funeral director, people sent me cards saying thank you for helping them out of a terrible situation. It’s an honor to do what we do.


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