Is What I'm Doing Right Now Getting Me Any Closer To Achieving My Goal?

This article was written by Johnny C, on June 1, 2012

That is the question all agents or better yet, each of us should constantly be asking. What most of us in direct sales fail to fully comprehend is that when we aren’t in front of a prospect we are really unemployed. We undertake tasks that have nothing to do with our positions in the preneed industry and think nothing of it. We get distracted with picking up the laundry, picking up the kids from school, taking them to the doctor, or my favorite one — “Since you aren’t doing anything, you take mom to the doctor or go grocery shopping, etc.”

All these things can be done as long as we don’t forget our primary function, that we need to be concentrating on sales oriented things. Working on improving our presentation skills. The delivery, hand gestures, such as look at, point to, and talk about are all things that we can be doing to help us achieve our goals. Others include, but are not limited to, handing out cards at fairs, wakes, grocery stores, etc. Doing our best towards our ultimate goal of getting in front of Mr. and Mrs. Prospect.

So next time we are running around in circles we need to ask ourselves, “Is what I’m doing right now getting me any closer towards achieving my goal?” If the answer is ‘NO”, we need to change direction and start doing the right things.

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