What is Your Selling System?

This article was written by GaryK, on April 30, 2012

football-featHow many times have you heard a salesperson say, “I have my own sales system / selling style?” The interesting thing is that you usually hear it from someone relatively new to selling – or someone who is not quite hitting the ball out of the park. In reality, it’s a rather old phenomenon that mainly occurs when someone is nervous about criticism or accountability. It’s natural to be nervous about being judged or critiqued, but by not following your company’s endorsed sales system, who are you really hurting in the end? Let’s think about it…

When you stop in to your favorite chain restaurant, do you see a bunch of individuals winging it, each of them doing their job in whatever way they think is best? Or do you see a team of people all doing things the same way? The answer is obvious – and it’s because over time, organizations learn the right way to get results. Those methods are then passed on to all employees to duplicate successes over and over.

What about sports? Can you imagine a pre-game pep talk where the coach says, “You guys just go out there and run around and find some way to win?” Of course not. Plays and techniques are practiced over and over again in very specific ways so that they can be executed successfully.

As a SNL salesperson, you have been given the tools to deliver a short, meaningful, and potent sales presentation. Learn it and use it. If you need help ask your manager. As capable and talented as you are, remember that everyone can use and advantage…and a time-tested sales system is that advantage.

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