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Saving _ Budgeting Tips for Low Income Families

Family service is the very best lead source that a counselor can have. We have a system that is great for you to keep up with who you have seen, need to see, what was discussed and when to go back. Your manager will go over this with you and teach you how to keep good records.Each family that you are working should be discussed on every visit with you manager. You can also call the office anytime. You’ll be surprised how suggestions to families will enable you to help them; chances are we have been able to make suggestions to others with the same type circumstances.

Use your phone or the customers phone (call the toll free number). Find any kind of information that you can for them while you are in their home and interested. Show the customer that you are really trying to help them, be sincere, they can read you if you are just commission oriented. Write down anything that you might reference in you next visit. You being able to remember small details sometimes will enable you to help them make their decisions to pre-need. Keep your records up to date.

Talk to the funeral director that handled the services to learn a little more about the family. People like to talk about their family. (NOT YOURS !)

Make notes; keep a record of all calls and visits. Make notes after you leave a home and write down what you need to talk about on your next visit and when you need to go back. If you wait until the end of the day your thoughts will sometimes run together. (Unless you have just seen one family that day?)

This is a people business. Work on being helpful and keeping good records. You can double or triple your income by visiting every family, show an earnest desire to help them, keep good records, be patient but persistent.

“Consistency builds momentum, and that momentum determines how high and how far we will go.”

Try not to be a person of success, but rather a person of value.

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