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This article was written by LifeAdmin, on July 26, 2018

Ten blog posts you can write right now for your funeral home.

 #10: Get to know the team! Do a quick spotlight on each member of your funeral home’s staff with a picture and some basic getting-to-know you information. Steer clear of professional information and keep it light: favorite vacation spot, restaurant you love, etc.

#9: Most frequently asked questions. We know that the funeral industry is mysterious and scary to a lot of our customers, so blogging about their questions and calming their fears will get potential clients to feel comfortable and supported before they even contact you about their own needs.

#8: A little bio of the funeral director. People love a good backstory, and they would be very interested in how and why you chose this profession over other options. Make it personal and reflective, talk about what influenced you and the choices you faced. You are interesting, and you are the reason people choose your funeral home instead of others.

#7: Compare and contrast two funeral packages. Most funeral homes have packages or “sets” or levels of some kind, and though they may be listed on your website with a brief description, a blog post about the differences with your honest explanations of each component will strengthen your other sales tactics.

#6: Interesting facts about death. Everybody loves a little trivia about the funeral industry, especially if it’s coming from the mortician. Although we often avoid talking about death and dying, the reality of cadavers is fascinating for lots of folks.

#5: Covering funeral costs, how to do it in the best way available. It’s a blog post, so give your readers some advice about how to budget and what to buy. Potential clients looking through your blog will have finances on their mind, so address them in a post about the true costs of a funeral and how to get a good deal.

#4: Tombstones—granite or marble? Do a post on all you need to know about choosing the right headstone for yourself or your loved one. What should it say, what shape is best, could you engrave a picture of this-or-that, etc. What materials look best over time, what is most common, these are topics that people looking through your blog are interested in.

#3: Access to grief counseling. This is a simple blog post where you write a little blurb about the importance of grief counseling and recommend some local therapists in your area. If people can turn to your website as a resource, they will remember how helpful your funeral home can be!

#2: What food to serve at your memorial get-together. You’ve seen a lot of funerals, what are the best hors d’oeuvres for a solemn event? What are the pros and cons to a pot-luck viewing? Are shrimp puffs too celebratory for a wake?

#1: How to become a funeral director. Go through the education and licensing requirements for your job—it will be interesting to people who have never considered the profession before and have no background knowledge on the subject.

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