How to: Write a Follow-Up Email that Isn’t Pushy!

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on January 24, 2018

Here we are: we’ve made our first contact and set up a meeting, which we attended and felt went really well. We left the in-person experience feeling confident and clear that this new acquaintance would soon become a policy-holding client. However, whatever follow-up plan we set up has come and gone, but no word. Now we’re at the awkward time when we aren’t sure how to light a fire under the client without being pushy.

Have no fear! I have here 3 (almost) ready-to-send email templates that will absolutely be successful in getting you a response.

Send them some content.

Preneed insurance is a field that requires educating of our clients to the advantages of our product. You already covered the basics in your first contact with this potential client, but you haven’t heard from them since. No matter the reason why they haven’t called you yet, offering them a little more education is generous and not at all pushy. Sending a casual, short email that just passes along some information is a great way to get your foot in the door again and prevent them from just deleting your email from their overcrowded inbox.


I came across this article today and it reminded me about what we talked about at our meeting the other day {INSERT LINK or ATTACH ARTICLE}. I think the author explains very well what I was trying to describe about {the financial benefits of funeral insurance, how preneed insurance will prevent familial stress, etc}. I just wanted to pass it along to you.

Hope you’re doing well! Talk to you soon,


Ask them to take a survey.

This idea is beneficial on several levels. Not only does it give you an excuse to email a prospective client and “check in,” it also puts the focus of the conversation on you and your performance, not their response. Don’t fake them out, create a legitimate survey that can actually help you reflect on your practices!


            In an effort to improve my performance as a preneed insurance agent, I have created this {HOW MANY MINUTES} survey and I’m sending it to you since we had a meeting/phone call on {INSERT DATE OF PERSONAL CONTACT}.

            It would mean a lot if you would complete this quick survey because I really value your feedback. I appreciate you for taking the time. {INSERT SURVEY LINK}

Hope to talk to you soon,


Recognize how busy they are.

If you’re careful here, your email will serve as a gentle reminder, not a pushy salespitch. Just write a quick, casual not recognizing how busy the client is. Maybe suggest that you forgot if you were supposed to call them this week, or were they going to call you?


So sorry to email you like this, I know you’re a busy person! I was just checking to make sure you had my work email (it’s this address) and my cell phone number {INSERT IT HERE} so we could follow up when you have time.

Thanks so much,


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