Will Mock Funerals Help People Embrace Life?

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on May 16, 2016

mock funerals
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South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the developed world with over 40 people taking their lives each day. At Hyowon Healing Center, you can experience a radical death experience where you’re able to write down your last thoughts, review your will, and lie down in a coffin. When the lights go out, the Korean Angel of Death closes the lid to your coffin.

What would it be like to attend your own funeral? A variety of responses are exposed when people come out of the coffins. While some simply fall asleep, many emerged with a renewed sense of hope for living their lives.

The head of the center tells each participant, “Now you know what death looks like. You are alive. Fight for Korea.”

How would experiencing your own funeral change your outlook on life? Would the experience of writing your final thoughts and wishes give you a different perception on your life? At the Hyowon Healing Center, participants are encourage to reflect on the nothingness of the afterlife while laying in a closed coffin, to carefully consider the affect of their death on their loved ones.

Coffin therapy isn’t a new concept, but how effective is it? There are variations of coffin therapy that involve hearing your loved ones read final thoughts while you lay in your coffin. Those who have experienced coffin therapy express feelings of strength through the experience, of having a renewed desire to live. Many are moved to tears through the experience, and feel a stronger connection with those they love as well.

What are your thoughts? Are coffin therapy and mock funerals an experience you would be interested in?

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