Why You Need a Travel Plan

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on May 23, 2018

As you know all too well, life can be unpredictable. Today we’re here to tell you that unfortunately, death can be, too.

Travel Plans Reduce Shocking Expenses

If you’re pre-planning your funeral, you’re doing so to minimize cost for your loved ones after you pass away, and to help eliminate surprises for them at the end. You value organization and you take care of your family and provide for them. You are responsible and prepared. But what if your pre-planning isn’t enough?

Travel and Shipping—Surprise!

When a death occurs away from home, there are many added complications to a funeral and burial—even a pre-planned one. Shipping the body of a loved one can cost anywhere from $1500 to $15,000. That’s a lot of cash you didn’t plan on spending!

There are laws and ordinances that dictate certain requirements for the travel of a body. Different states have different laws and timelines, and foreign countries can be even more difficult to work with. This is why travel plans, like the Travel Plan by Inman, are necessary to have. Besides the emotional and mental relief that comes from having a plan in place, Travel Plans by Inman are cost-effective, at only $450 for an individual plan. This is a one-time fee that covers transportation anywhere farther than 100 miles away from home!

Death in a Foreign Country

Some of the obstacles presented in a circumstance where a body must be shipped internationally are things you would have never considered before. For example, many countries do not practice embalming, and in some places it is not available at all or may be illegal. This makes things difficult when you think about the amount of time that travel arrangements take, even in the best of circumstances.

There are usually some additional options if embalming is not available (such as chemically saturated shrouds or cadaver freezer units), but the cost is very high and availability is often low. Communicating and international payment can be tricky, even with the modern technology of today. After notification has been made to family, the body has been placed in possession of officials, preservation and travel arrangements have been made, and all fees have been paid for, you can still expect a waiting period of at least 3-10 days before the shipment is made.

We Have the Answer

Travel Plans by Inman take care of all of that headache in a much more timely and cost-efficient manner. An individual travel plan takes care of:

  • Contacting a licensed funeral home or professional embalming service center near the place of death
  • Transporting the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home or service center for preparation
  • Preparation of the deceased for transport
  • Securing all documentation for shipping including one death certificate
  • Placing the deceased in appropriate shipping container
  • Tender to the airport for return to the airport closest to their legal residence that is capable of receiving human remains including airfare

Please contact your local insurance agent to purchase your travel plan. If you’d like to find a local agent, please reach out to us through our Contact Form.

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