When do you “close”? All the time!

This article was written by JayL, on August 22, 2012

It has often been said that a good salesperson has the ability to do
one aspect of their job very well:
to &#34close&#34 the sale and ask for business.

What most people do not realize is that the “closing” process is not something that happens at the end of the insurance presentation. A good preneed sales person will constantly be saying and doing things that are considered closing tactics.

Successful agents do not wait until the end of the presentation to try to “close the sale”.
They ask thoughtful questions all throughout the presentation that elicit small ‘yes’ answers from their client, so when they do get to the end of their presentation, it is easier to get the ultimate ‘yes’ from their prospect.

Of course before you can legitimately ask for the business, you must make sure that you have addressed all the concerns of your client. These may include open-ended questions, clarifications and possibly objections. To jump to a final close would be risky if they still may have concerns or unanswered questions. Once you have satisfied these, your chances of a successful close drastically increase.

So, always remember to always be asking for the business.
But more importantly, remember to follow the diagram of preneed sales training. You must follow the steps. Don’t bypass getting all your small ‘yes’ buy-ins. Once you have built the need and obtained small ‘yes’ a few times; then you are ready to ask for the business and get the contract!

Good luck and good selling!

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