“I wear a bow tie to support Multiple Sclerosis.”

This article was written by GuyW, on September 16, 2013

The Bow Tie Project

by Robert J. Biggins, Former NFDA President

Bob and Chris Biggins - The Bow Tie ProjectSometimes life throws us obstacles that feel insurmountable. But with quiet reflection we can overcome and reach new heights.

The Bow Tie project began at Faulkner Hospital in Boston, from the vision of the talented medical team of Steve Drewniak, Larry Starr and Paul Rizzolli. In 2004, my dear wife Chris was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. These physicians always carry a quiet patience and determination even as they broke the news to us.Paul Rizzoli, Chris’ neurologist, sports a bow tie daily as he cares for patients.On one of our visits to him I casually commented on his tie. To my surprise, a week later a catalogue with a selection of bow ties and a “how to” manual on mastering this accessory arrived just for me!

Picture the fumbling and bumbling as I attempted to learn this art and incorporate it in my wardrobe. It was during one of these attempts I had an epiphany. I was trying to teach myself to physically do something different, to re-learn how to accomplish a movement to complete a task.

Looking at my disheveled attempt at a bow tie, I suddenly realized this was nothing compared to what Chris was facing on a daily basis to meet change in her physical, mental and emotional circumstances from her diagnosis of MS. After quiet reflection, I wiped my now tear stained eyes and proceeded to make that bow and to wear it in her honor.

Many folks now comment on my new “fashion statement”. Some with amusement, some with wonder and others with disdain. But they comment!

National Multiple Sclerosis WebsiteThis is why I decided to start this initiative. Now when someone comments on my bow tie, I present a card with a link to The Bow Tie Project website. There they can visit links on the MS society to read more about this dreaded disease and how to help find a cure.

If you would like join my project, visit my favorite bow tie website www.beautiesltd.com and pick out a new tie. As you wear it, pass on the word about MS. Together maybe we can find a cure. Read More.

[frame]“This is a great story for an even greater cause. Please join me and Security National Life in supporting the ‘Bow Tie Project’ with Bob Biggins.”

-Guy Winstead, Vice President of Preneed and Final Expense Divisions[/frame]

6 thoughts on ““I wear a bow tie to support Multiple Sclerosis.”

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