Warm Up With Sincerity

This article was written by KathleenS, on August 29, 2012

With a healthy amount of hesitation,
most of us have invited a sales person
into our home.

Recently, my husband and I were interested in exploring patio pavers. So we made an appointment with a company representative.

Of course, little did he know my background in sales. I watched his every move with keen suspicion.
I knew all the tricks!

How many times would he say our name?
What stock and scripted compliments would this guy serve up in an attempt to enhance his likeability?

If there was any hint of insincerity, I was ready to shut him down. I was in the “I don’t trust you” mode. Fortunately, after a few minutes of conversation, I found this suited warrior to be genuine and let down my guard. Unfortunately for him, we decided to go with a concrete patio.

When warming up before your preneed presentation, be sincere…tell the truth.
This is an important step in gaining trust. Most people can sense a surface compliment within seconds.
If their furniture happens to be worn or dated, don’t say how beautiful and modern it is. Do notice the items that appeal to you.

If you see an award hanging in the foyer, ask about it. There’s a reason this award was placed in the home’s entryway. Find some common ground. If there’s a Toyota in the driveway and you drive a Toyota, mention it.

And, yes, most people love to hear their name when it flows appropriately…but not as an awkward filler in conversation. Your warm up with a family should be as natural, relaxed and sincere as it would be with an old friend. Mastering this step will provide you with an easy transition to a preneed presentation that is welcomed.

Try this next time you’re with a preneed appointment.
You might be surprised with the response. Practice makes perfect.

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