Virtual Meeting Etiquette: 5 Things for Instantly Better Calls

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on June 17, 2021

1. Share your screen
This is surprisingly simple to do, regardless of the platform you’re using (Google and Zoom are the most commonly used these days), but a simple screen share immediately elevates the quality of your meetings. You can present a slideshow to further illustrate the different combinations of what you’re offering your client. You can visually reinforce your sales script by screen sharing pictures, quotes, and reviews.

There have been times as an agent where you’ll need to walk a client through something online, which is made so much easier by sharing your screen and leading step by step.

2. Update your setup
Video calls are not going away, even as the pandemic abates and life returns (somewhat) to normal. As an agent, it is wise to invest in a setup that is conducive to these calls and reflects the professionalism you want to convey.

That may mean a few things: an internet package that can run video call programs, or a webcam for your desktop computer that is hardwired to your internet modem, or a data plan that allows your phone to video call from anywhere. Nothing is more frustrating than a call that keeps cutting in and out, so if your software or hardware is out of date, it’s time to upgrade to something more reliable.

Another element of your setup is the background. If you’ve been holding virtual meetings at your kitchen table, with your dog barking and your kids playing and your wife watching television in the background, your clients have been unimpressed.

Make yourself a video call space that is free from distractions and noises. What can your client see behind you? Is the background an appropriate environment for a business meeting? What does it communicate about you and the quality of your service?

3. Shorten things up
Your in-person sales pitch about what you’re offering may run 30 minutes, but on a virtual sales call, everything feels longer and less interesting. Tighten it up, practice a more abbreviated version, and maybe open up to a question-and-answer session earlier than you normally would.

4. Change up your tone
Since many agents have switched to virtual meetings, they’ve reported a noticeable change in tone during their interactions with clients and prospects. Something about the virtual medium, perhaps the at-home element, makes the interaction feel more casual and laid-back than an official presentation or even a lunch meeting. Embrace that natural tendency by changing up the “salesperson” energy you are used to using. Focus instead on being personable and relaxed.

5. Send them research
One advantage of virtual meetings is your ability to share links and websites using the video call software. One way to shorten your presentation is to trust your client to do some of the research themselves. Give them a little homework! Most platforms have a “chat” feature that allows you to send links directly.

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