Three Small Habits with Powerful Effects

This article was written by admin, on April 5, 2022

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Prosperous people know that the first step toward change is awareness, and that small and consistent adjustments can have large and impactful effects. When observing wealthy and successful people, authors like Darren Hardy and Tom Corley have found that these people prioritize small, daily decisions that many others ignore. In fact, a handful of small habits have a compounding effect on your personal and professional achievements. We chose three small habits that you can change today that are easy to track and easy to implement.

 1. Successful people make time to read

Reading is not only incredibly useful to help you learn and stay informed, but it also exercises your brain. Reading, when given your full concentration and undivided attention (so not scrolling through Facebook or skimming over subtitles), continuously forms connections in your brain. This can improve both your memory and concentration.

Giving your brain this regular exercise has been proven to create long-term changes in the areas of your brain that control language and sensory input. Making time to read anything will bring about these positive results. In fact, experimenting with a wide variety of genres equates to a more strenuous workout. So, try out a self-help, read a biography, crack open a historical novel about the cold war, find what compels you and add 30 minutes of daily reading to your list of good habits.

2. Organized people create daily to-do lists before bed

Starting your day with direction results in less wasted time. In the same way that measuring your habits creates awareness and lays the foundation for positive change, creating a list of goals daily sets your intentions and priorities where they should be set.

Putting together a to-do list at the end of your day will cause you to focus on a manageable number of tasks instead of feeling overwhelmed by an ambiguous amount of work that you can never get a handle on.

Getting into the habit of creating a list will improve your motivation. Seeing items on a list and crossing them off creates extrinsic motivation, which is an outside source that inspires you toward an action.

We put together a daily plan template for final expense and preneed insurance agents. Download the free PDF through the link below!

3. Happy people set aside time to think

When was the last time you set down your phone, turned off the radio, and allowed yourself to reflect in silence? Taking time to process what’s going on in your life reduces stress and aligns intentions. Whatever you want to call it: meditation, quiet time, reflection, getting into this habit can make a huge difference in your mental state and productivity.

Start your morning with 15 minutes of dedicated reflection. Allow your mind to wander as you make your commute or sit down at your desk. Imagine that you are looking inside your mind and observing whatever is there.

Many people use meditation apps or soundscapes to cue their minds to focus and relax. Try using this technique halfway through your workday as a type of reset. Quiet moments like this tend to improve your mood, and who couldn’t use a better disposition during the day?

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