Things Every Life Insurance Agent Should Know

This article was written by Samantha Overbaugh, on August 10, 2022

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Summer is coming to an end and bringing in the fall breeze. Years of school has always made August the “Back to School” time, and we’ve already got a few assignments ready for you to complete. Without further ado, here are five things every life insurance agent should know:

Accessing Your Commission Statements

You can easily access your commission statements after logging onto your Agent Portal. Once you are logged in, go to the far left of the screen and select the icon second down titled “REPORTS.” Once clicking on that drop-down menu, select “Statements.” This will give you an organized, easy-to-read list of all your commission statements.

You have the ability to change the date range to show specific ranges of business sold. Enjoy this element of the Agent Portal and use it to pay attention to patterns you notice in your selling! 

Submitting Business (web app, mail in, etc.)

Thankfully, you can use your agent portal to instantly upload new business contracts. Here are the 4 steps of how to upload new business:

STEP 1: Click on the “New Business” tile

STEP 2: Click on New Business Upload”

STEP 3: Click on “New Business Only”

STEP 4: From here you can add an additional comment. Click on “Choose Files” when you are ready to upload.

And that just about does it for submitting via the web app!

But, if you’d prefer to submit your new business through mailing it in, here are some guidelines:


Security National Life Insurance

433 Ascension Way, Suite 600

Salt Lake City, UT 84123


Security National Life Insurance

P.O. Box 57220

Salt Lake City, UT 84157 

Using the Supply Cart

What is the Supply Cart you ask? Well, it will be a tool you will use quite frequently as an agent! The Supply Cart is accessible once you have logged into your Agent Portal. Leads are the lifeline of your industry. In the Supply Cart you can purchase different types of Leads to suit your needs. Be sure to take advantage of this great tool.

Once in the cart, you can choose from a variety of leads and then further determine how many you would like of each, and the final cost will be.

Be wise, but also don’t be afraid to try out new types of leads to see where success with each one will take you! 

Accessing LeadHub

You’ve heard LeadHub mentioned before, but what is it anyway? Can’t you just keep track of your leads on the notes app in your phone? Or perhaps a scribble in a notebook or a post-it? We can fall victim to this unorganized chaos at times but fret no more because LeadHub is here!

You can access LeadHub anywhere, whether it be on desktop or your mobile phone the platform will follow you wherever business takes you! Once you are logged onto your Agent Portal in the top left-hand corner there is an icon with the silhouette of a person, titled “LEADHUB.” Click on that icon, and a drop-down menu bar will appear to where you can make the selection “LeadHub Dashboard.”

Don’t shy away from LeadHub! Become accustomed to using it because we designed it to make life easier for agents like you! 

Checking your Contest Production

One of the many benefits of being an agent with Security National, we love to reward you for your hard work in helping families!

In your Agent Portal, to the far left, third down you’ll notice an icon titled “REPORTS.” Select the icon, and the last tab you can click on will be titled “Contest Report.” Select this option, and then you will be taken to a drop-down menu in the middle of your screen in which you can choose which contest you’d like to check on your production amount.

This is a very helpful resource so that you can stay on track to reach your fullest potential and earn what we know you can achieve in our contests!

More than anything, we are sure what you realized in school, is that we learn best by doing. So, don’t be afraid to jump into Agent Portal and explore each of these 5 things for yourself that we discussed. Don’t let the uncertainty of utilizing these tools cause you to stay in the shadows of yesterday!

Come out and just try. We are certain as you implement these tips you will be sure to have a successful fresh start and a great “New School Year!”

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