The Most Beautiful Cemeteries in the United States

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If you’re pre-planning and looking for a plot, you might want to do a little digging before picking the place you’ll be laid to rest. Here’s a short list of some of the most stunning cemeteries in the U.S.A.

Bonadventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA

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Bonadventure has been called the south’s most famous cemetery, and it is certainly the most popular for tourists to visit. The ambience established by the gigantic trees and Spanish Moss is enough to send chills down your spine. This cemetery is filled with Southern Gothic architecture and unique monuments, including the famous “Bird Girl” statue featured on the cover of John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. This hauntingly beautiful site was founded in 1846, it covers 160 acres and is unlike any other in the country. Next time you find yourself in Savannah, this is definitely a stopover worth experiencing.


Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA

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Visiting Arlington Cemetery is a humbling, impactful experience. Perfectly lined rows of shining headstones have marked the graves of fallen soldiers since its establishment in 1864, near the end of the Civil War. Spanning 624 acres, Arlington National is a must-see for any DC tourist. You can download an app that will help you navigate the cemetery and grounds, listen to a self-guided audio tour of the most notable grave sites, and watch the changing of the guard that happens every hour on the hour. This cemetery is peaceful, reverent, and altogether fascinating.


Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA

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Mount Auburn is known for being the first rural cemetery in the United States and for its gorgeous fall colors. This breathtaking cemetery covers 170 acres and was established in 1831. The grounds resemble a botanical garden more than a place of burial, and families can be seen strolling through the cemetery at any given time. The classical monuments are distinctly Colonial-era, but Mount Auburn is equally attractive as an arboretum and a popular bird-watching spot.




Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY

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Green-wood Cemetery is a National Historic Landmark established in 1838. The site covers a staggering 478 acres right in the heart New York City (that’s about half the acreage of Central Park!). The landscape of this gorgeous cemetery rises and falls, overlooking city skylines and residential neighborhoods. Green-wood is also a Revolutionary War historic site, as the Battle of Long Island was fought on its soil back in 1776. Take a walking or trolley tour, attend one of the many public events, and enjoy this lovely site all year round.


Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA

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This cemetery’s grounds are only outshone by its many unique statues and monuments! This site is home to many founding fathers of Hollywood and the next-door neighbor of Paramount Studios. Hollywood Forever Cemetery is unlike any other cemetery in the country! Visit the burial sites of stars and starlets while you enjoy the tropical flora and clear blue skies around you. This site was founded in 1899 and covers only 100 acres.


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