The ABCs of National Life Insurance Day

This article was written by admin, on May 2, 2022

Each year, May 2nd is celebrated as the anniversary of the first life insurance policy written in the United States more than 200 years ago. This national holiday serves as a great reminder for everyone and anyone to check up on their life insurance policy or consider acquiring one for the first time. So here at Security National, we’ve put together the ABCs of why we emphasize National Life Insurance Day to give you some ideas of how you can commemorate with your own clients.

Advertise to Community

A national holiday brings a natural awareness to the life insurance industry. Krispy Kreme gives away a free glazed donut on National Donut Day; what can you do to advertise to the community and incentivize your services?

Social media is an excellent resource when it comes to advertising to the community. People are willing to read articles and inform themselves on seemingly boring topics when they are presented in a fun way or when they conform to a “theme.” Embrace the celebratory nature of a national holiday and post a question box on Instagram: “How has life insurance affected you?” Consider posting a short history of life insurance on Twitter, or an album of satisfied clients on Facebook.

National Life Insurance Day is kind of like our industry’s birthday. What would happen if you decorated the front of your home or office with birthday decorations like lawn signs, streamers, and balloons? A simple statement like this is eye-catching, fun, and will spark the curiosity of potential new leads.

Build Awareness

The month of May is a great time to build awareness about how life insurance can ease a mind in the short term and change a life in the long term. Have you ever tried an education initiative? So many people in the life insurance industry rely on pre-made brochures to do the educating for them. We know from our own experiences that informational brochures are not as effective as many other free and easy-to-access tools available in the 21st century.

Consider writing a weekly blog post about the types of life insurance, or why life insurance is a necessary investment at all stages of life. Perhaps you can build awareness through a video interview or a Zoom Q & A session. Many industries are utilizing e-courses, which requires some more advanced technological skills, but can be a huge boon when looking for new leads: “Take my free e-course on navigating life insurance and call my office when you’re ready to sign!”

Celebrate Benefits

A national holiday is really a celebration of something that is good about our country—from pie to roller skates to, you betcha, life insurance. What are some ways you can celebrate how life insurance has helped our community?

Perhaps incentivizing personal anecdotes and collecting these positive stories would be a good thing to focus on in May. Life insurance can be looked at as “doom and gloom” by people who steer clear because they want to avoid thinking about death. You know from your experiences in life insurance sales that, not only thinking about death, but planning for it, can greatly reduce the burdens of loved ones when the inevitable comes to pass. How can we spin the prevailing negative perspectives about life insurance into positive ones this National Life Insurance Day?

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