Have a heart: it's the key for many funeral insurance consultants.

Have a HeartCompassion.
Sympathetic pity.
Concern for the misfortune of others.

Our jobs as funeral insurance consultants require exercising a great deal of each of these. We must be good listeners. In aftercare situations we deal day-in and day-out with the bereaved.

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Play Ball!

Lessons From Baseball and Preneed Sales.Lessons learned from baseball and preneed.

San Francisco Giants fans celebrated a World Series victory recently. Like a true fan living in Northern California, I watched every throw, steal, and hit.

As the catcher and pitcher signaled back and forth, I couldn’t help comparing a recent presentation I delivered. The player at bat had no idea whether the next ball would be a curve, a fast ball, inside or outside the home plate.

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All the good stuff has already been said…

Cowboy wisdom and preneed: Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull you out. Cowboy Wisdom and Preneed: Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull you out of the bind you got yourself in.

My father is a 75 year old farmer who's tougher than shoe leather and meaner than a junkyard dog but he's my Dad and I love him...
most of the time!

He reminds me a little of John Wayne... talks low, talks slow and he don't say too much but what he does say has substance.

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Paw Prints on Our Hearts

Paw Prints on Our Hearts If you haven’t seen Hachi a Dog's Tale, you have to run out and rent it this weekend. It is the story of a dog's unrelenting love and devotion to his deceased owner.

From time to time we hear this story in real life… pets loving their owners enough to withstand death, time, and distance. But what about man’s devotion to their pets?

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