Security National Life's Travel Plan

Most funeral directors I know love to get out and take trips. Plans are made about when to leave, where to stay, which sites to see, and when to return. A lot of planning goes into trips!

However, have you ever asked these friends how they would return if a tragic accident should happen?

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How are you making a living?

Do you ever get stuck, doing what you have always done because it worked. But now it's not working?

There is a solution, thank goodness.
Security National Life (SNL) has a number of endorsed lead generation techniques…and they all work!!

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Have you thought about transportation to a final resting place?

There are many personal reasons someone may choose to preplan their funeral. Here in South Carolina, people often tell me they are preplanning because eventually death is likely to occur away from their hometown.

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Rapport… Are You Building It?

We work hard for every prospect. Tireless effort goes into getting the appointment through the door. We memorize our scripts, prepare for objections and set everything in line to close the deal.

Did you remember the most important step?
Building customer rapport?

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