Death & Marriage – Why Should You Prepay Your Funeral?

A wedding, and a funeral are two of the biggest events we will have in life, yet they are met with a very different sentiment. Both are a big financial expense, yet one is a happy and joyous occasion, while the later is met with grief and more often than not burdens for others. When death is a non-negotiable in our lives, and 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce, it makes you wonder why as a culture we hate to spend money for a funeral service, but don’t hesitate to throw tons of money into a wedding?

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The Secret to Gaining Referrals Every Time

Mastering the secret to preneed insurance referrals Mastering the secret to referrals can mean more business for you than any other lead source.

Research demonstrates that 52% of families would gladly provide preplanning referrals, but only 5% have ever been asked.

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One… More Powerful Than You Could Imagine

One... More Powerful Than You Could ImagineMost people believe one is a very tiny number. However, "one" can have a tremendous impact on your revenues.

A few years back, I was fortunate enough to read a paper from a very respectable sales trainer who worked with businesses to help them increase their sales, negotiate more effectively, and motivate their employees.

It was about how you should do one more thing to help you reach your goals and I thought this was a perfect topic to share.

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Six Ways to get into a Sales Slump Selling Preneed Life Insurance

six ways to get into a sales slump selling Security National Life preneed life insuranceI have read a lot of sales articles and many of them are titled, “10 easy ways to improve your whatever” or “12 tips to a better such and such.” Just to be different this week, we’re going to cover six rules that a salesperson can follow to get into a slump.

  • 1. Stop asking exploration questions.
  • 2. Assume things.
  • 3. It’s all about the price.
  • 4. Listen to surface level information. (continued)
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Make More Preneed Sales by Focusing on Solutions

Make More Preneed Sales by Focusing on Solutions The ability to uncover problems and present viable solutions is one of the most basic yet powerful skills that a preneed salesperson can acquire.

People make buying decisions because the product or service fills a need or fixes a problem.

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Adding Flavor to Your Sales Presentation

Adding Flavor to Your Preneed Sales Presentation Sometimes logic works the best.

Early in my preneed career I tried to look for ways to understand what the best agents do, and then figure out how to mirror these practices. How do we best help people plan for the worst day of their life?

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Funeral Home Spotlight: Simpson’s Family Mortuary

Simpson's Logo Simpson’s Family Mortuary began 35 years ago in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Over the years they experienced great success, now operating five mortuaries and a crematorium. The founder, Curtis Simpson, Sr. attributes this legacy to their upstanding reputation and policy of treating each client like family.

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Funeral Home Spotlight: La Paz-Perches Funeral Homes

Perches LogoCongratulations to La Paz-Perches Funeral Homes for being a top-producing firm with Security National last year! 

La Paz-Perches Funeral Home began in 1958, and since has served families of all faiths in the El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM and Cd. Juárez, MX area. Sal attributes his great success to the long legacy with over fifty years of commitment to the families they serve.

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The Secret of Top Preneed Salespeople

The Secret of Top Preneed SalespeopleSales is a tough game – and those who succeed work hard at it.

But did you ever wonder how the top preneed salespeople do it? I mean, do they read all those motivational books and do whatever the book tells them to?

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Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments for Preneed Agents

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments Do you know someone that was surprised on receiving their first paycheck to learn about Social Security, Medicare and tax withholding?
Did you know that these amounts may still be owed when they are not taken out of your check?
This is the case when you work for yourself as an independent contractor.

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