Going above and beyond… and then some.

going above and beyond with Security National Life preneed life insurance
The top people did what was expected of them
They were considerate and thoughtful of others
They met their obligations and responsibilities fairly and squarely AND THEN SOME.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy or a shock to the system for us to realize that things may not always be the same tomorrow as they are today. In our industry we should be the first to know this and plan for the future.

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Meaningful funerals do not just happen.

Creating meaningful preplanned funerals... they don't just happen.
Meaningful funerals do not just happen.

They are well-thought-out rituals that, at least for a day or two, demand your time, focus and attention. Like no other time before or after the death, the funeral invites us to focus on our past relationship with that one, single person and to share those memories with others.

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How The Attention Barrier Is Costing You Appointments, And How to Fix It

salesimageAre your sales where you want them to be?

Deep down you know that you’re selling something that will really help your prospects and their families if only they would give it a good look.

But for whatever reason you can’t seem to get them to slow down long enough to seriously consider it.

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Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee?

Carrots, Eggs, Coffee and Preneed I once worked at a funeral home alongside many “old timers” who had their certain way of doing things and refused to listen to any other way.

These people said I was crazy when I visited my preneed customer’s homes.
They told me it could never work!
“Nobody likes sales people coming to their home”, they insisted. According to them, it was impossible to sell funerals in December because “nobody buys anything around the holidays”.
Stainless steel vaults and caskets added to their list of what couldn’t be sold.

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Keeping Memories Alive

Keeping Memories AliveMany physical items hold our memories and we treasure them not for themselves, but for what they inspire us to remember.

Much the way photos moves us, sometimes to tears, often to hysterical laughing, those clothes, that hair! These keepsakes can be anything from cards, photos, a ratty chewed up slipper a beloved pet commandeered.

Today, I came across a card from my mother. It was the last card she ever gave me and there it was – her signature, once bold, in perfect cursive, now faint and slightly shaky as the ravages of ALS sets in, “To My Sweetheart” on the envelope.

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All the good stuff has already been said…

Cowboy wisdom and preneed: Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull you out. Cowboy Wisdom and Preneed: Some days all you can do is smile and wait for some kind soul to come pull you out of the bind you got yourself in.

My father is a 75 year old farmer who's tougher than shoe leather and meaner than a junkyard dog but he's my Dad and I love him...
most of the time!

He reminds me a little of John Wayne... talks low, talks slow and he don't say too much but what he does say has substance.

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10 Comforting Things to Say to a Grieving Person

10 Comforting Things to Say to a Grieving Person
Do you know what you should and shouldn't say?

Today we explore part two of this series on what to say to a grieving person. When offering condolences, there are plenty of things not to say to a grieving person; finding the right words can be harder. A risk we take is to be well-intentioned but our words come out misguided.

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Helping a family at-need; like no other experience.

It can be tempting to deviate from the assigned script when selling preneed.

Following a script can be difficult at times.
This feeling is no stranger to insurance agents from any walk or industry.

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