The 10 Best and 10 Worst Things to Say to Someone in Grief

what to say to someone who is grieving
Many of us have said “The Best” and “The Worst.” We meant no harm, in fact the opposite. We were trying to comfort. A grieving person may say one of the worst ones about themselves and it’s OK.

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We Need a Heroic Narrative for Death


Amanda Bennett and her husband were passionate and full of life all throughout their lives together — and up until the final days, too. Bennett gives a sweet yet powerful talk on why, for the loved ones of the dying, having hope for a happy ending shouldn’t warrant a diagnosis of “denial.” She calls for a more heroic narrative for death — to match the ones we have in life.

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Have a heart: it's the key for many funeral insurance consultants.

Have a HeartCompassion.
Sympathetic pity.
Concern for the misfortune of others.

Our jobs as funeral insurance consultants require exercising a great deal of each of these. We must be good listeners. In aftercare situations we deal day-in and day-out with the bereaved.

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10 Things to Never Say to a Grieving Person

10 Things to Never Say to a Grieving Person
Do you know what you should and shouldn't say?
When offering condolences, there are plenty of things not to say to a grieving person; finding the right words can be harder. A risk we take is to be well-intentioned but our words come out misguided, suggesting to the bereaved person that there’s a “right” way to grieve. (There isn’t.)

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Helping a family at-need; like no other experience.

It can be tempting to deviate from the assigned script when selling preneed.

Following a script can be difficult at times.
This feeling is no stranger to insurance agents from any walk or industry.

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George Quist, company founder dies at 91

George Quist, Founder of Security National Life We are saddened to announce that George Quist, the founder of Security National Life passed away Thursday, September 6th, 2012.

George was a kind, generous, faithful, hard-working man, who touched the lives of everyone around him. He was a positive influence in the community and focused on helping others.

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How Lincoln's Assassination Launched the Funeral Industry [Smithsonian]

Lincoln’s AssassinationIn 1865, when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s Theater, no one expected that one of the longest lasting effects of that day would be a boom in the funeral industry.

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