One… More Powerful Than You Could Imagine

One... More Powerful Than You Could ImagineMost people believe one is a very tiny number. However, "one" can have a tremendous impact on your revenues.

A few years back, I was fortunate enough to read a paper from a very respectable sales trainer who worked with businesses to help them increase their sales, negotiate more effectively, and motivate their employees.

It was about how you should do one more thing to help you reach your goals and I thought this was a perfect topic to share.

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Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee?

Carrots, Eggs, Coffee and Preneed I once worked at a funeral home alongside many “old timers” who had their certain way of doing things and refused to listen to any other way.

These people said I was crazy when I visited my preneed customer’s homes.
They told me it could never work!
“Nobody likes sales people coming to their home”, they insisted. According to them, it was impossible to sell funerals in December because “nobody buys anything around the holidays”.
Stainless steel vaults and caskets added to their list of what couldn’t be sold.

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Smarter Goal Setting – Change Your Perspective, Change Your Results

Smarter Goal Setting for Your Preneed Career
Do you find yourself frustrated
that you’re not further along than you are
at the end of the day - or the week - or the month?

Have you set aggressive goals for your preneed career that just never came to fruition?

When you fall short of a goal that is important to you, it weighs heavy on you like a big, wet blanket, doesn’t it? You feel like you let yourself down.

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Increase Your Productivity: Daily Preneed Work Plan

Increase your productivity in preneed with a daily work plan. If you know me at all, you know I'm all about having a plan.

As a preneed agent I had to work according to a schedule or I would find myself potentially wasting days because I didn’t have a routine or Daily Work Plan. I would like to pass on to you the plan I developed.

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Socrates’ Secret to Success

One day a bright student wishing to be successful asked Socrates, “Teacher, I have studied many years with you and even though I have learned many things I still have not learned the secret to success or what it really takes to be successful. Please train me in this mystery.”

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