Springfield Funeral Home will host its first fireworks show using cremated remains

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Who doesn’t love a firework show? People have gone all out using them at their parties and weddings, but what about a funeral? Why not take it a step further and have your loved one be apart of them, literally…

A funeral home will host its first fireworks memorial service this Saturday.

The Greenlawn Memorial Gardens event will showcase fireworks manufactured with cremated remains by AM Pyrotechnics. The inaugural display will be near Greenlawn Memorial Gardens.

“We are anxious to see the first of what we hope to be many of these unique fireworks displays,” said Jason Diemer, vice-president of Greenlawn Funeral Homes. “This is an exciting service which Greenlawn is pleased to bring to our community.”

Greenlawn Funeral Homes collaborated with AM Pyrotechnics in 2013. Through this partnership, they have the ability to create a beautiful and meaningful tribute. Cremains can be displayed in a breathtaking fireworks display of one’s choosing. One can choose from varying noise levels, colors and more to create a personalized display.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the rate of cremations is more than 40 percent, and continues to grow. Greenlawn’s partnership with AM Pyrotechnics increases personalization options for families that choose cremation and allows its customers to design a memorial as close as possible to each individual’s personality.

Greenlawn Funeral Home is a sixth-generation family owned funeral home.

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