Social Media Practices for Insurance Agents

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on July 5, 2017

Connecting with the Connected Generation

It’s no secret: the Millennial Generation responds better to technology than traditional marketing strategies. As a preneed insurance agent, this truth can be hard to swallow—especially for those of us who have been in this business for decades.

So let’s talk about what I’ve learned about social media.

I used to resent that social media removed all humanity from my interactions. Texting or instant messaging my kids did not feel as personal as calling or visiting them. Posting a “status” felt like turning my private life into a news reel of catchy headlines.

Professionally, I feared that those who embrace technology would not see the need for a preneed insurance agent when they would rather research and buy online. I felt jaded and guarded against those who grew up with the internet and all its capabilities, and I was sure the computer would run me out of business.

I was using the internet wrong.

Social media is the opposite of impersonal when you know how to use it. Millennials who truly use and understand social media (so, all millennials) are not looking for impersonal bits of headlines or random interactions, they are looking to experience connection. Humanity. Internet-lovers are digging for hard truths and bright personalities, and they can smell falseness from a mile away. Social media is all about connection, and successful connections are not superficial or “put-on,” they are grounded in the truth of each party’s life.

So how do I use social media the right way?

The bottom line that I have discovered is that my Millennial customers want the same thing my Baby Boomer customers want: a relationship. Building a relationship with someone over social media takes practice, but I’ve seen positive results time and time again. Most people do not know what a preneed insurance agent does or why they would need one, so I make it a regular practice to educate clients and potential clients through social media. I also share personal facts and photos so my clients can see that I am a real person, a father of 3 and a soon-to-be grandfather. This element of humanity always sets me apart from my competition who don’t fully understand their audience.

What are my social media practices?

Security National Life shares quotes, images, and articles on their social media. that I share on the professional Facebook page I made for myself. I regularly post small educational writings about the industry and current events. I post testimonials on my Instagram page with photos of happy clients I have helped. I answer questions via email and publicly on my blog, where I have even gotten reposts and ratings. I connect all these platforms together using links and hashtags. Much of my client base is a result of these efforts, and the relationships I have virtually built with my clients as a preneed insurance agent have solved many communication errors before they even began.

I misjudged the internet and had to learn the hard way. Now the question is: will you do the same?

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  1. I would like to know more how to reach the millions of people using social media and how to get them to buy life insurance without the government getting in the way

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