Social Media Ideas for Life Insurance Agents

This article was written by Samantha Overbaugh, on October 7, 2022

There is a lot of chatter about “Using technology to our gain.” But what does that look like in the insurance industry? Today we want to break it down a little bit and provide you with 7 doable, effective things you can do to harness the benefits of tech and grow the networks you already possess!

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  1. Selfie Success: Take a picture with the people you write a policy for and share it! This builds your reputation by utilizing success stories, helps expand your network, and gives everyone a bit of FOMO.
  2. Educate! Create a reel for Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok with 3-5 common questions that you get. Answer them with energy while looking directly at the camera. These videos are fast and convenient but also intriguing for people to view. Get the word out!
  3. Testimonials: Make your next Facebook Status, Instagram Story, etc. a testimonial quote from your clients. This will spark the curiosity of others, and will cause them to want to know what it is that you do!
  4. Find a Group! Lucky for us Facebook has seemingly endless pages and groups that are available to the public and to you! Find one that constitutes your area and submit a post! You could make it a picture of you and introduce yourself and what you do in an approachable and real manner.
  5. Tag a Friend: When you sell a policy to someone, they become your new friend because you are helping them! Now that you’re friends in person don’t be afraid to add them on Facebook or Instagram. Ask their permission to make a post and tag them in it just telling the story of how you two met, and what transpired!
  6. Commence your Channel! Starting a YouTube channel? Yes, we know how it sounds. But start small- make a 3-5 minute video discussing an intriguing topic perhaps: “Why do people have car insurance but not life insurance?” or even “Do I really need life insurance?” Share the link to your video on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram!
  1. Ask a Favor from a Friend: It is vital for you to appear as a real person with your online presence. Do you remember the “Phone a Friend” option on the gameshow, Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire? Time to make that phone call! Maybe you go way back to college or even your hometown! Ask them if they’d be willing to post a picture of you two introducing you as their friend and explaining what your industry is. This adds credibility and trust to how others view you.

Maybe these seem like small things and you’re wondering if they’ll actually get you anywhere. But just think, what have you got to lose by trying one or two of them out? Devote 10 minutes to creating a post that could bring great potential to your selling.

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