SNL Preneed introduces “Transitions” Aftercare Program

This article was written by BetterAdmin, on March 23, 2011

At Security National Life, we are dedicated to helping our client funeral homes help the individuals and families they serve. Transitions is a funeral-home based, multi-phased lead generation program that is designed to strengthen the relationship between your funeral home and your community. Utilizing many aspects of interpersonal contact in a soft and proactive approach, Transitions is designed to expand the scope of your at-need and preneed customer base.

Transitions features a series of four booklets by Linda Findlay that were written for grieving families. Containing relevant topics and subject matter, these booklets are delivered to the families during proven time frames in the first year after experiencing a loss.

We offer specialized training for this program whether you are a firm looking to expand your service offering or if you have an active prepaid funeral sales program. Security National offers a step-by-step, non-offensive, systematic process to help your families during their own Transitions.

Our Transitions program helps develop a continual cycle where at-need develops pre-need relationships that secure future additional market share. It is a compassion- and care-based system that will help you extend your service through a turn-key, systematic process. We work with a growing network of funeral professionals throughout the United States, offering a wide assortment of services that are affordable and easy to acquire. Find out more details at It’s not just a business…it’s helping you help the families you serve.

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  1. One of the outstanding effects of SNL’s “Transitions” program is the ability to merge the “touchy, feel, warm and fuzzy” emotions that each family served must receive with a systematic, step-by-step, non-offensive sales process. We are able to help the family, through a support tool, deal with the stages of grief and take the additional steps necessary to protect their family and make a difficult time more bearable.

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