Share your “Why” with your Clients

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on October 16, 2017

You probably have a list of reasons why you got into this business, and we’ve heard them all before—to capitalize on the multitude of baby boomers, to work your way up to become your own boss, to learn more about the complicated insurance world, and the list goes on. Selling life insurance seems like a no-brainer. But now that you’re immersed in the preneed insurance world and you’ve seen the difference between planning an at-need funeral and a preneed funeral, you have better reasons to stick with this career than you had when you entered it. Consider sharing your “why,” with current and future clients.

On Social Media

Social media is all about personal connection and virtual relationships. Your followers want to get to know you in an authentic way. If you want to pique their interest and claim their business, open yourself up to them by writing about why you do your job every day. Share a personal story about preneed insurance, explain what you’ve come to believe over the last months or years as you’ve worked in the preneed insurance field. Give the people your “why” for selling insurance. Post pictures of your family if they’re your motivation. Tell the story of your parents’ deaths if that’s what opened your eyes to the necessity of preneed insurance. Give some examples of clients you’ve helped, if helping others is what gets you out of bed every day.

Dig deep, every agent has a compelling “why” that drives them to continue selling insurance. Turn your “why” into a sweet story that people will want to read and connect with. People on social media want to see that you are a human being like they are. They want to feel supported and understood. You can fulfill those needs—starting with an anecdote about why you do what you do.

In Your Sales Presentation

When presenting to new clients, even the most experienced agents can get bogged down in technical jargon and timelines. Keep your sales presentation personal and light, by relaying your “why” to your future clients.

“My most successful sales pitches are always the ones that feel comfortable from the start. It takes a conscious effort on my part to start out slow and open up with strangers. I have found that when I tell my potential clients about my family and show some pictures of my kids, I get them talking and that awkward small talk turns into an actual conversation. Then I explain my fear of being a burden to my children, how I want to provide for them until my dying day. This is why I do my job, it’s why I’m here today, and it’s why I believe in the power of preneed insurance.”         

-Dave Marriano

Sharing your “why” with potential clients will bring you to their level, it will help them understand the importance of preneed insurance, and will stick you and your presentation in their memories.

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