Selling Solutions, not Products

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on February 7, 2018

As a preneed insurance agent, you are fortunate enough to be selling what people actually need—affordable solutions that help them avoid stress in the future and improve their financial planning. Unlike people who sell vacuums and security systems, preneed insurance agents know that our “products” are needed and helpful to real, average people everywhere. We insurance agents believe in our sales pitches and use our product. We have personal stories to back us up and testimonials that will pull at the heart strings (and prove our points). We are lucky to be able to sell solutions, not products.

How to treat each of your sales like a solution, not a product:

Think in Terms of Problem-Solution

What are the problems that potential clients face? They are unlikely or unable to save the large chunk of money that is required to pay for funeral and burial services. They are uneducated on the subject of after-death expenses and have no concept of what to expect. Because they have these problems, their family and loved ones will be burdened with bills, arrangements, decisions, and an overwhelming amount of stress at a time when they are stricken with grief and uncertainty. Those are serious problems that every person, when given the choice, would rather avoid. You have the solution to those problems. Most people have not found a solution to these problems because they have not yet occurred and are therefore not yet on their minds. They have not found solutions to these problems because they don’t know solutions are available, because you haven’t offered those solutions yet. Treat every sales conversation or inquiry like someone is seeking your help with a problem to which you have the solution, and your dialogue will absolutely transform your outcomes.

Sales is Customer Service

Preneed insurance is a personal industry about trust and building relationships. Every interaction you have with potential clients, current clients, and past clients is a customer service conversation that will stick with them and affect their decision-making process. Additionally, much of our business is based on referrals and word of mouth. Remember that every interaction has to be one of exemplary communication where you are the expert on final expense insurance and your purpose is to offer as many low-cost solution options as possible.

Educate and Facilitate

Offering potential clients new perspectives on investments, life insurance, and end-of-life circumstances is the best way to close a deal. Teach everyone you come in contact with about the benefits of planning and saving for death expenses. When you offer knowledge to others, you become a trusted mentor and someone they will remember and turn to when they have questions that arise. That puts you right in the position to give advice and collaborate when asked for help solving anticipated problems, or when someone wants to know more about the preneed insurance industry. You will be primed to offer solutions that lead to sales.

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