Security National Life Announces New Team Sales Leaders – June 8, 2020

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on June 9, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Security National Life is pleased to announce that Gina Rosanova has been hired as the Team Sales Leader for the Chicago, Illinois area and Elena Yanez has been hired as the Team Sales Leader for the Houston, Texas area.

Gina Rosanova is a Team Sales Leader in the Chicago region for Security National Life Insurance. Gina has a varied background that includes both transportation logistics as well as the past several years focusing on both preneed funeral and cemetery sales. Gina excels at educating families on the benefits of preplanning and prefunding their funerals and is looking forward to building sales teams throughout the Chicago area. Gina was inspired to enter the preneed business by her 70-year-old aunt. Her passion of helping families be better prepared for the loss of a loved one became Gina’s passion as well. Outside of her role as a Team Sales Leader, Gina is also an artist. She spends much of her free time working on various art projects; many of which have been donated to several different charity auctions.

Elena Yanez is the Team Sales Leader working in the Houston, Texas region for Security National Life. Elena has extensive experience in different preneed sales roles that include: preneed sales agent, sales manager, and sales team leader. She especially enjoys meeting with families and also recruiting sales agents to help educate families on the many different options available to both preplan and prefund their funeral. Elena is originally from Michoacan, Mexico and now resides in the Houston area with her husband Omar and their four kids, Rosy, Andra, Ashly and her youngest Omar.

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