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This article was written by admin, on May 9, 2023

lead hub lead management system for preneed and final expense agents that work for security national life

Do your sales need a boost? Are you feeling like you’re stuck in the same old strategies? Here is a list of SNL resources that you probably forgot about!

Social Media Spruce-Up

If you haven’t yet utilized social media to its fullest extent, it’s time to get on board! There are a variety of platforms that can be used for final expense insurance agents and preneed insurance agents: take a look at this blog post about which social media platform you may want to use, and then check out this post and let our marketing team walk you through setting up a Facebook business page.

Don’t let social media overwhelm you—there is a wealth of resources out there to help you get set up, stay consistent, and engage your followers. We even have a few blog posts we think will help, like this one about using Facebook to market life insurance and this one with doable, easy to accomplish ways to incorporate social media into your day-to-day sales.

SNL wants to help you with content creation as well. Check out our Facebook page for educational posts like this one and The SNL Beat for more ideas on how to use informative posts to pique the interest of potential clients. Don’t forget to add that professional, eye-catching cover photo as well—we offer free cover photos for your Facebook profile that you can access through your agent portal supply cart under “marketing.” 

Marketing Materials

Speaking of which, our marketing materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and flyers are available for FREE through your cart. Simply log into your agent portal to place your order. We also offer door-knocking sticky notes for a small fee that you can leave for homeowners who were not available at the time you were canvasing their neighborhood. Additionally, we offer free counselor evaluation forms that make referrals easy and quick for clients to complete! With these tools taken care of for you, we’re hoping to free up some of your valuable time so you can focus on finding clients and meeting their needs.

Lead Generation

You have resources through Security National that can help you generate new leads. Don’t forget to employ LeadHub, which provides you with detailed reporting information that lets you know how well you and you leads are performing. This software is designed to remove the hassle of keeping track of leads so that you can use your time and talents actually making life insurance sales. Since we’re talking leads, here’s a reminder that SNL will assist in the cost of leads to help you get in front of more prospects to make more sales. Check out this brochure for more information about lead credit!

We at SNL want to support you, especially when you feel “stuck in a rut” with your final expense and preneed insurance sales. Let us help you feel motivated, inspired, and guided toward the achievement of your goals this year. Take a few minutes today to check out our Youtube channel: we think you’ll find something helpful and uplifting on there posted just for you!


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