A Salesman’s 10 Commandments

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on November 29, 2017

Trust in thy product continually

The first commandment I always impart to my trainees is to understand and love what you’re selling. If you don’t believe in the product, your potential client won’t either. As a preneed insurance salesman, you need to understand the ins and outs of why it’s crucial for everyone to buy, and have real, personal stories that can become evidence of these beliefs when you’re pitching them.

Thou shalt show up punctually

It may seem obvious and easy to achieve, but as the face of the entire insurance industry, being even 5 minutes late to an appointment can start the conversation off on a very bad foot. You are being judged by your actions, and your product is lumped in with that judgement as well.

Thou shalt make unto thee goals to achieve success

Without specific, achievable goals—working for yourself like preneed insurance agents do—will not be successful. Your goals need to be visual, measurable, and focused on more than just financial numbers.

Thou shalt not take thy competition’s name in vain

Woe unto you who bad-mouths other agents, for your words reflect on your integrity! Once again, every word that comes out of your mouth is coloring your potential clients’ opinion of you, of your product, and of the insurance industry in general. There is a very fine line separating setting yourself apart from other agents and criticizing someone as a strategy.

Remember to ask for referrals, for they are holy

Word of mouth is the most lucrative networking strategy in the preneed insurance business. When you do a good job and care about your clients, they will see the merit of what you’re selling and want to spread the love to those they interact with. Reward them for referring you, encourage them to talk about their experience, because your clientele will increase if they do.

Honor thy clients’ wishes

We all know that end of life insurance can be a delicate subject to talk about. Everyone is at a different place with death and dying, especially people who have had negative experiences with insurance or funerals in the past. Respect when someone tells you “no,” but remember that “no” often means “no for now.”

Thou shalt not become complacent

An insurance agent’s job is never done. Though ideally you will be building a clientele that replenishes itself without much effort on your part, there is always refining and improving that can be done to your techniques.

Thou shalt not by pushy

You are not a vacuum salesman who pushes your product on unwilling victims. Buying insurance is a commitment that most people really have to think about. Preneed insurance is something that everyone sees they need eventually, but since it takes planning for the future, you have to address potential clients with the long-term in mind.

Thou shalt not overbook thyself

Each client you claim deserves your best work and your full attention. They will be able to feel if you are distracted, rushed, or multitasking. Remember, preneed insurance is sold based on trusting relationships—dedicate yourself to each relationship.

Thou shalt not come unprepared

Once again, when you are late, distracted, or unprepared, you are informing your potential client that they are not important. You cannot treat people like they are just numbers in this industry, so do the work required to be a careful insurance agent.

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