Sales Advice from SNL’s Final Expense Sales Managers

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on March 20, 2018

Looking to boost your sales? Turn to the experts who’ve been where you’ve been and pushed through it. The song of success is sung best by these salespeople, who are sharing some words of wisdom with you about how to get past the roadblocks standing in your way.

Many final expense insurance agents feel like they struggle just getting the amount of leads they need to make the sales they want. New agents, especially, are under the impression that “everyone is successful at this, except me.” When looking to your left and right and comparing your numbers to another agent’s, don’t get discouraged,

“Selling life insurance is a numbers business based almost purely on activity. That means that agents who sit down with more people will sell more business…regardless of their skill level,” states Mike Pursley, Regional Director of Sales.

If Mike’s advice doesn’t light a fire under you to get out there and find the leads that we know are waiting, maybe a corroboration by Steven F. Lowery, one of SNL’s Final Expense Market Directors, will spark some motivation:

“Show up. Just dial the phone, knock the doors and get the leads. Activity is the key to success in sales. There are no magic phrases; no perfect personality types, dress codes, collateral materials, “good” leads, or anything else that will do anything other than increase sales on a slight margin.  The vast bulk of sales come from just showing up.”

If activity and effort are the key to sales success, why isn’t everyone in the top sales categories possible? This is a question Jim Boyles, one of our Regional Directors of Sales, answered when we asked his sales advice based on his years of experience and success.

“The road an agent must travel goes through his mind.  We can and should study and learn our products, our presentations, and our answers to objections.  Secondly—and equally important—An agent must learn to discipline himself to work this business as a full time job. It’s easy to put these things on paper but difficult to figure out and internalize.”

Remember that the frustration you’re feeling and the challenges you are having have been conquered by others time and time again, and turning to your co-workers and managers as resources could be one of the footholds you need to climb out of the rut you are in. Boyles once again, encourages new and experienced agents to use all that is available to them when they are looking for sales improvement,

“Find your mentor, your upline, or our home office, and pull from them how they overcame the obstacles in their own mind to be successful. Success in not limited to the few, it is available to all—we just must follow the proper road to get there.”


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