Is “no” really no?

This article was written by Johnny C, on November 25, 2013

Is no really no when presenting to prearranging families?

When someone tells us "no", what are they really telling us?


Are they saying, “I don’t want your product”?
Are they saying, “I don’t need your product”?
How about, “I don’t think I will use your product”?

Here is what I think they are saying.

“I don’t know enough about you to buy from you.”
“I don’t know enough about your company to buy your product.”
“I don’t know enough about your product to buy your product.”

So, before closing your presentation and leaving, ask yourself “Are they saying no or I don’t know?” Review your meeting quickly in your mind. Do they really mean no or is my prospect needing more information to make an intelligent decision? Have I answered all his questions to his complete satisfaction?

When you finally do leave, spend a couple of minutes in your car reviewing your entire presentation. Leave your kit in your car and go knock on his door.

Say something like this. “Mr. Prospect, may I ask for your help? I need to know where I went wrong.” He will say something like, “What do you mean? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Say, “I obviously did because I am leaving your family without protection and I need to know what I did wrong so that I don’t make the same mistake with the next family.” Usually then they will tell you their true objection. Sometimes you will be invited back in and given a second chance to take that know to a yes.

Good luck and HAPPY SELLING!!

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