Quit Living in Fear.

This article was written by GracieJ, on July 13, 2012

Negative thoughts and fears sneak up, eating their way into our minds.
Most often we don’t even realize they are there, until they are already paralyzing us, postponing our meeting with success.

These thoughts keep us in mediocrity or forever in the waiting room of success. Almost there, yet not quite.

Time and time again, we hear of salesmen, even in funeral insurance that don’t dare take that extra step out of fear. “What if I don’t make the sale?” or “I almost, almost, ALMOST signed the preneed contract”.

You can’t let this happen. Don’t be just another failed statistic.

Commit yourself to fight for your dreams and plans!

Commit yourself to action on your positive goals!

Dreams and plans mean nothing if they don’t become reality.

Set daily goals and work on them. Be persistent.

Commit your mind to God and trust Him.

Read, learn, memorize, mediate, practice and apply and you will see the fear flee from your life and you will enter in the door of preneed success!

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