Prioritizing Activity over Contract Shopping

This article was written by Alix Kersavage, on March 3, 2022

Commission is the fuel to the fire for final expense insurance agents, which is why Security National not only pays competitive commissions, but also creates programs to help your dollars stretch a little farther. The SNL Lead Credit program is company sponsored and has no impact on your commissions in order to participate.

To illustrate the impact of our Lead Credit Program, we’ve got some numbers for you. These numbers are based on industry averages, but feel free to reach out in the comments section if you would like to see some specifics.

Lead Budget Comparison: $350 per month

Without Lead CreditWith SNL Lead Credit
Purchase 10 Direct mail leads a weekPurchase 20 Direct mail leads a week
3 sales per week = $2,100 AP6 sales per week = $4,200 AP
50 weeks a year = $105,000 AP50 weeks a year = $210,000 AP
80% persistency = $84,000 AP80% persistency = $168,000 AP
-  $17,500 (Lead Expense)-  $17,500 (Lead Expense)
1st Year AP = $66,5001st Year AP = $150,500

The SNL Lead Credit program is designed to invest in you. As illustrated above, our Lead Credit program helps final expense insurance agents increase their activity without also increasing the cost for leads to generate this activity. Instead, your out-of-pocket cost remains the same as your commissionable income increases.

How Do I Qualify for Lead Credit?

Start by becoming an agent with Security National Life! We want to help producers build their lead inventory to a point where there is always a prospect to go see. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity, click the link below:

One thought on “Prioritizing Activity over Contract Shopping

  1. Just pay it all in commission and let us buy our leads as we choose. Keeping the commission low and requiring agents to buy leads who may have a different source of leads is not a help. Be competitive or your agents will just write business with other carriers who offer a little better rate and better commission.

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