Pennies and Nickels: More Important Than You Think.

This article was written by JayL, on October 2, 2012

It's the little things that add up to dollars.

This month’s article will be short.
But it is so critical we don't want to miss the point.

My father always told me that if I looked after my pennies and nickels, the dollars would take care of themselves. It sounds like such a simple saying, but points to a deeply important issue all preneed agents must remember.

In my opinion, this saying tells us to make sure we always pay careful attention to the small things. It is usually the small things that we tend to overlook when we are helping our families. But sometimes these small things can be the one most important issue that our families may be focused on. These small things can sometimes be the foundation on which our clients are basing their decisions.

Never assume the reasons the person next to you has to buy as you give your preneed presentation.
It could be something very simple and not a complex situation or idea.

Be sure to ask the questions that may elicit ‘easy’ and ‘obvious’ answers.
Because these answers may be the key indicators that propel our clients towards a decision.

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