How To: Not Hate Cold Calling

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on July 19, 2017

A Final Expense Insurance Agent’s Guide

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you hate cold calling (even a little bit). I don’t blame you—though cold calling can be one of the most lucrative ways to identify and educate customers, it is also fairly terrifying. I’ve put together this “How To” because I want to help you begin to love cold calling.

Know Your Client

Cold calling works best when you approach it with data on the potential clients you are contacting. We, as final expense insurance agents, know that everyone can benefit from final expense insurance, but that information is not exactly common knowledge out there. If you want your potential clients to trust you (and listen to you for more than 10 seconds), you need to know who they are and what their situation is like. My cold calling experiences are most successful when I take the time to do the research necessary. It’s the difference between spam calling names and actually inviting people to learn more. Additionally, to know your client, you need to know their objections—before they raise them. Answer questions before they’re asked. Give useful and simple information before it’s needed. Educating people on the benefits of end of life insurance is the best way to sell it to them.

Nix the Script

A scripted cold call may have been effective 20 years ago, but now potential clients can immediately identify the robotic reading happening on the other end. Have a framework for your cold calls, not a word-for-word script. Practice what you are going to say, know your business before you try to tell others about it. A formula for the conversation is a good idea—it helps utilize your time in the best way and reduces nervousness in your voice. Having a plan allows some flexibility so your conversation is natural and you can actually get to know the needs of the customer. Remember: you are a final expense insurance agent who wants to help people with their future end of life costs. Clients want to hear what you have to say when you’re sincere and direct.

Incentivize Cold Calls

Everyone wants to get a good deal. We all want to feel like we’re putting our money in the best places. Final expense  insurance is a wonderful investment that not everybody understands. Incentivizing your services to potential clients on the other end of the phone line will increase the interest they have in what you’re offering. Run special promotions for customers who learned about your final expense services from a sales call. Call to tell corporations and businesses about a unique promotion you are running. Approach your cold call not as a sales dump, but as a notification of a great deal. Special promotions will often get your foot in the door, and educating the client will seal the deal.

Hopefully, these few pieces of advice have given you a positive outlook regarding cold calling. Use these tips to improve your technique and your attitude, and I’m confident you will see some exciting results.

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