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This article was written by Alix Kersavage, on March 9, 2022

Learn About Cremation Forests as a Preneed Insurance Agent

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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re talking about an incredible opportunity with cremation forests. As a preneed insurance agent, you work to create detailed funeral plans with your clients. For those who choose the cremation route, a cremation forest may be the missing piece to complete the full vision of how they want to leave this world.

A cremation forest is a natural alternative to cemeteries that involves mixing cremation ash into soil that continues the life cycle of the forest. While there are a few cremation forest companies, today we are highlighting Better Place Forests. With locations in California, Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, we hope there is a location near you!

How it Works

Family tree takes on a new meaning as you select a tree for you – or up to 4 people. Trees are marked with a custom memorial marker that respects the surrounding forest while also noting the special nature of the site. Memorial ceremonies are welcomed and encouraged as they deposit your ashes alongside wildflower seeds. Family members can visit the lush forest any time as the forest area is officially protected.

When you purchase your tree reservation, Better Place Forests also commits to planting anywhere from 25-400 “impact trees” dependent on your selected package. Impact trees are a partnership between Better Place Forests and One Tree Planted that targets areas impacted by deforestation or forest fires.

As a preneed insurance agent, recommend a cremation forest to those who are passionate about their ecological footprint or show a passion for experiencing nature. To learn more about any requirements or specific details, visit


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